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VIP Post Operative Care

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio.

I believe in the success of your procedure before, during and after the surgery! To this end, I have created a VIP Top Plastic Surgery experience for you and your family after surgery. These long surgeries or surgeries that can have pain control or fluid issues the first night or beyond. I have been practicing medicine since 1996. Please remember that this is non-negotiable and ensures a rather seamless transition to your care in the home and beyond!

Lets face it, in general, a long procedure may be the only experience you or your family have ever had with surgery and certainly one of the biggest and most intense.

Taking care of people after surgery is harder and more intense than you think! There are Drains, Foley catheters (inside the bladder), IV’s Dressings, etc. Sometimes your loved one needs anti-nausea medications, pain medications , and lots of general care!

We require everyone to spend at least one night for the following surgeries:

  • Tummy Tuck (Pain Control, Ambulation, Foley Catheter, Fluids)
  • Mommy Makeover (Pain Control, Ambulation, Foley Catheter, Fluids)
  • Butt Implants (Pain Control, Ambulation, Foley Catheter, Fluids)
  • Facelifts (Pain Control, Ambulation, Placement of Eye drops)

Mini Tummy Tuck, Mini Facelifts/Neck lifts, Eyelid surgery by itself , most other procedures do not need an overnight unless the reliability of your caretaker is in question.

Some others may be included, Including Patients without Reliable caretakers (non Family members or “neighbors that I can call”) Out of Town patients) we normally like you to spend the night before and 1-3 nights after depending on the surgery and the drive home and your help at home!

Dr Jeneby has been requiring this of his patients for 19 years and it is for a reason. These surgeries are intense and the postoperative recovery can be daunting even if you or your significant other think they are “tough” or can “handle it”

In Summary , we will tailor the package to your needs and can handle The Flight, Hotel, and Nurses, caregivers that can stay with you!

Your Coordinator will help plan your entire stay with us. We also have access to people that will pick you up from surgery and stay with you for 12 hours for a reasonable price added to surgery!

We proudly Maintain a Crew of Rn’s that have been working with Dr Jeneby over 10 years!

When supplemental care needs arise (Non Rn or after the RN leaves the Hotel the next day), we use En Su Casa. (they can also pick you up from surgery and stay with you!

Private and Independent Home Care For Seniors | En Su Casa

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