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How Can I Get Rid of Crow’s Feet? 5 Top Uses of Xeomin

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If you have stubborn crow’s feet, Xeomin might just be the answer that you’ve been looking for. A revolutionary new alternative to Botox, this treatment has been used to successfully treat stubborn crow’s feet, giving you a smooth and wrinkle-free eye area. If you’re ready to roll back the clock on your face, Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas in San Antonio, Texas, can help.

How Can I Get Rid of Crow’s Feet?

There are plenty of reasons why we get crow’s feet, but the bigger question really is how can we get rid of them. Over time, our skin ages and wrinkles naturally appear, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fight back. Smart changes to your lifestyle and habits can minimize the look of pesky crow’s feet and even stop you from getting more wrinkles in some cases.


Minimizing your exposure to the sun and its harmful rays is one of the most effective ways that you can combat the effects of crow’s feet. The sun damages our skin, dehydrating it and causing premature wrinkles, but many people get a double-dosage of damage around the eye area. That’s because we often squint when we are out in the sun. Wearing proper sunglasses and making sure that you use enough SPF are two great ways to enjoy the sunshine while still taking good care of your face.

Eat a Good Diet

Foods that are rich in antioxidants may help stave off wrinkles, including crow’s feet. There are plenty of other reasons why you should eat a healthy diet, so making this one of your primary habits can only do good things for your skin and overall health. Antioxidant-heavy foods include berries, leafy green vegetables, pecans, and dark chocolate. Try to eat the rainbow, and your face will thank you!

Watch Stress Levels

Stress can really wreak havoc on our skin and overall health. It can also enhance the crow’s feet on our faces. When we are stressed out, we tend to furrow our brows more often and squint, which reinforces the lines near our eyes. Try to reduce your stress and calm down the urge to tighten up your face. A more relaxed, calm face will have fewer wrinkles over time.

Commit to a Skincare Regimen

Good skincare is one of the biggest ways to take care of your face in-between cosmetic treatments. Make sure that you use plenty of moisturizers and clean your face in the morning and right before bed. It’s especially important to wash your face if you wear makeup during the day because it can lodge in pores and dry out your skin, which makes wrinkles and crow’s feet look more pronounced.

Aging skin also often responds well to retinol treatments. You can get specific retinol treatments around the eyes, which can help keep your appearance youthful in between appointments.

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments like Xeomin can help tackle existing crow’s feet and prevent new lines from forming. Although preventative and at-home measures are good, they are truly no match for the cosmetic treatment experience. If you want to look demonstrably younger, consider looking into one of these treatments. Most people are amazed by the results.

What Are Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are the small spiderweb patch of wrinkles the come out from the corner of our eyes. They are a perfectly natural occurrence and the result of smiling, squinting, or laughing. The more emotive we are, the deeper and more pronounced our crow’s feet will be later on in life. Since the skin around our eyes is so much thinner than that on the rest of our face, many people notice crow’s feet appearing before any other kind of wrinkles.

What Causes Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are caused by natural facial expressions and the simple act of aging. There are some additional factors that cause these lines, as well. Watch out for these culprits, and you will have the benefit of smoother skin around your eye region.

Too Much Sun

Sun can cause the delicate skin around your eyes to wrinkle, which is why it’s vital to use proper SPF if you are out in the sun.

Changes in Your Weight

Many people don’t think about their body weight affecting the way that their face looks, but it certainly does. If your weight fluctuates dramatically, you will almost certainly see remnants of it on your face. When we get larger, our faces get a little bigger as well, and when we lose weight, our faces shrink too. You can see primarily see the effects of weight fluctuation in the neck, but the eye area can also be affected.


Smoking is one of the worst things that you can do for your skin. It ages you dramatically over time by limiting the skin’s natural elasticity and restricting blood flow. When we smoke, we also make the same facial expressions over and over again, including squinting our eyes. Smoking leads to wrinkles and fine lines, as well as a sallow expression, so it’s best to cut back or quit entirely if you can.

While there are certainly some lifestyle changes that you can make to lessen the effects of crow’s feet, cosmetic treatments are an excellent, safe, and cost-effective option for those who want to have a younger-looking face. They can really make a lot of difference in both the way you look and how confident you are.

What Is Xeomin?

This treatment is similar to Botox, but some people find it slightly preferable because it is a more purified version of the same neurotoxin. This means that patients are less likely to have an adverse or allergic reaction to it and make it a lot gentler on sensitive places like the eye region. Due to this, it’s been growing in popularity since it was first rolled out.

5 Top Uses of Xeomin

There are plenty of ways that we can use this treatment for both cosmetic and medical needs.

1. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

This treatment is predominately used to combat fine lines and wrinkles, like crow’s feet. As with Botox, it’s great for smoothing out eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and smile lines. Talk to our team to determine what kind of treatment plan is right for you.

We treat every patient as an individual and make sure that you are fully confident in your treatment plan from start to finish. Some people like to get this treatment done on several different areas of their face, which is perfectly okay.

2. Smile Woes

Sometimes aging can make us look downright sad. As we get older, the sides of our mouths can turn down, giving us the look of a perpetual frown. Additionally, sometimes our smile can make us look a little bit too gummy.

Xeomin can help with both of these. A few well-placed injections can erase the gumminess from our smile and give us that upturned grin that we thought we had lost forever. Many patients see a clear and amazing difference in just a few sessions.

3. Excessive Sweating

As with Botox, this treatment can be used to tackle excessive sweating. Sweating profusely in the hands or underarms can be a cause for embarrassment and might even take a social or romantic toll. By using this treatment medically, doctors can tame excessive sweating and help patients live happy and normal lives.

4. Eye Muscle Conditions

In addition to helping smooth out crow’s feet, this treatment can also help with muscle spasms in or around the eye area. Problems like rapid blinking can often be addressed with a few injections. Since this treatment works as a mild paralytic, the spasms can be tamed, and, in some cases, eyesight can even be restored.

Eye muscle conditions are equal parts cosmetic and medical. Many people who have them feel very self-conscious and this treatment can help them get their lives back.

5. Muscle Spasms

Similarly, this treatment has been used to address muscle spasms in the arms, wrists, ankles, and neck. Although you should see your doctor before getting any treatment for spasms or other serious health conditions, there is a precedent where this treatment did work successfully. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if it’s right for you.

There are so many different applications for Xeomin! It’s truly a revolutionary new treatment that has far-reaching medical and cosmetic benefits. See how it can help you feel and look your very best today.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Virtually anyone can be a good candidate for this treatment, and since it’s minimally-invasive, you will not have to miss any work, school, or family events. You don’t need to recover from your sessions, and you can get right back into the business of living your life. Candidates are either beginning to see the development of crow’s feet or lines around their eyes or who already have lines and want to minimize their appearance.

It’s also helpful if you are close to your ideal weight and are a non-smoker or someone who is trying to quit smoking. Since everyone is different, there is no preferred age for this treatment, and it really depends on how your skin looks. Everyone has different genetics and lifestyle patterns, so if you start to notice fine lines or wrinkles where they were not previously, this treatment should be able to help you look fresher, more vibrant, and have smoother line-free skin.

Find Your Most Beautiful You

If you want to find the face that you thought you had lost forever, it’s time to discover the most beautiful you through this revolutionary new cosmetic treatment. Xeomin is a minimally-invasive way to bring your eyes back to life and help you to look years younger than your age. It has fewer additives than Botox and is rapidly becoming the preferred go-to cosmetic treatment for those in the know. Our team can help you get the look that you want in a virtually pain-free, safe, effective fashion. Come and see what all of the fuss is about!

If you are ready to take control of your looks, and find renewed confidence, get in touch with our team today. We will help craft a personalized plan for you based on your specific goals and needs. Together, we can help you unearth your true beauty and inner sparkle with Xeomin. Contact the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas in San Antonio, Texas, at 210-890-2415 for your no-pressure consultation today. Don’t wait!

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